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There are many types of computer desks. They have hundr […]

There are many types of computer desks. They have hundreds of online, most of them are not bad. You have obtained the correct materials, correct specifications and correct warranty. We will also consider other real-world issues, such as the style you want, the view you want to see on or at the desk, privacy, and convenience related to placement.

1. Corner desk
First, we have the so-called corner service desk. This type of desk is built into the small corner of the kitchen or living room. Typically, it consists of an L-shaped table, which is usually small, with the longest area less than 20 inches wide and the shortest space less than 12 inches wide.


The advantage of this is that it is suitable for any room. It can also play a role in rooms such as the kitchen or living room. The computer desk can also be easily used as a decoration, writing and reading desk. You can stack magazines and laptops. You can put it in a desk with some decorations. One or two bunches of flowers can be arranged similarly, making them attractive decorations for any room.

The disadvantage is its small size. A source joked: "Who wants to see a corner?" Well, no one is guessing us. In addition to this, the desk will not provide much privacy for the research or work you do online. Sitting there may be a bit cramped because the space provided is small.

Maybe this is useful for casual computer work, but not for serious things. In addition, it is very difficult to use this desk type for DIY projects. You will need it large enough to fully appreciate its features, but not so large that it will take up too much space.

If you want to put some loose space, it is enough. In terms of practicality, although this is not a good investment.



2. L-shaped desk
Then there is the L-shaped desk. The best part is that it provides more space for laptops and computers with CPUs. With this accessory, you can leave enough space for many accessories (such as wires, cables, speakers, etc.) that come with your personal computer.

Many models on the market even put a certain space in the middle as the space reserved by the CPU itself.

In addition, it is very convenient in terms of the convenience of reaching objects. The two-in-one function will make the anesthetic look more beautiful. In terms of privacy, it will provide you with a larger choice than a corner desk.

Unfortunately, it is still a corner desk, only bigger and wider and has two tables.


3.U-shaped desk
U-shaped desk will be a good choice for a spacious room. You will have a lot of storage space to meet your computer desk needs. You can put in scanners, printers, books, wires, speakers, etc. and it still looks good.

Additional cabinets and drawers will be used as space for tape dispensers, staples and books. If you want to share your workspace with others, that's great.

There must be at least enough space on both sides, as well as remaining space. The disadvantage is that it will take up so much space that it will become the core of the room.

Having said that, the table itself will not be able to accommodate any type of room. Before buying such furniture, please carefully consider your options.

Suitable for spacious rooms. It can also be great to share space with others.



4. Standard desk
So far, the standard wall desk will be the most versatile desk. Since it is installed on the wall, it will be stable and most of it is durable. The wall-mounted desk is suitable for any house or room. It is so useful that you can actually use every inch of space.

Double it as a decorative table with some delicious artwork or flowers on it, voila! Computer/decorative table! Similarly, it can be turned into any type of table for any type of use. For example, it can be recycled as the bottom of a kitchen table or bookshelf. Just put it on some shelves, and then it changed!

The disadvantage is that when you look at the wall, you will not see many views.

Ideal for rooms with limited space.



5. Double bar counter
The double bar table will become a valuable contribution to the layout of the desk. There are basically two tables. The great thing is that it will divide the space. In addition, having this layout will surely make most of your friends amazed. However, you may need a larger footprint.



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