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To form a piece of furniture, it is sufficient to pour […]

To form a piece of furniture, it is sufficient to pour molten metal and forge. Metal furniture is formed by integrally forming materials or combining different parts. Can be used in combination with welding, screws, rivets and other products. In addition, unlike wood, metal can be found in certain sizes on the market at any time. Various sheets, screens, profiles and strips of a certain size can be converted into the desired form by bending, folding or combining. If the welding or brazing method is not used as the connection method, the parts can be easily separated and packaged for transportation. All these conveniences show that this is an important opportunity to produce furniture entirely from metal.


In addition to being easy to produce, it is also common to manufacture furniture made entirely of metal for use or aesthetic purposes. They are especially aluminum and alloys, and are generally preferred in outdoor or public areas where corrosion resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance are required. In airplanes or high-rise buildings where weight reduction is important, and in fireproof filing cabinets. Prior to the widespread use of plywood and plastics, metals have been used to manufacture various forms. In the second half of the 20th century, when shapes became more and more important, designers shaped various metals to obtain unique shapes. Today, metal furniture is often preferred in homes, schools, hospitals, dining areas, and various workplaces. Provide various metal chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas and bed frames.


Furniture made entirely of metal is assembled by assembling different types of metal products or products of the same type, and sometimes can be assembled into one. A piece of furniture is defined by its manufacturing materials, and even the definition also includes production methods: for example, cast iron chairs, stainless steel cabinets and wire mesh armchairs.


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