Performance Advantages Of Electronic Storage Cabinets


1, students carry cell phones in class to facilitate st […]

1, students carry cell phones in class to facilitate student storage, class listening, do not play cell phones and other electronic products.

2, cabinet advantages: long life, beautiful appearance, the surface of multi-process, spray, rust-proof effect.

3, storage security: the use of national patent utility model electronic control lock structure, low power consumption, 360 degrees tamper, anti-blocking, no dead ends. Energy saving: the same card is compatible, do not use supplies.

4, to ensure public safety: record user information, access to operations, time information, the use of card numbers and background information, effectively prevent a few adverse factors failure, and can quickly trace the hidden dangers of the accident, to protect public safety.

5, high use of electronic storage cabinets: a campus card can only occupy a box for storage.

6, electronic cabinet Random door: Students in the use of smart cabinets, we must first store operation. When the object is stored, press the Save button and swipe the student card. The system will automatically assign a box, open the box, to promote the deposit. When students get extracted, they are divided into two situations, midway and over.

7, the system does not delete the storage record, only the implementation of unboxing action. Therefore, students can play a role in many ways. It is usually used to allow students to temporarily remove some items from the box, the rest of the items stored in the system.

8, the end of the extraction: When the implementation is complete, the system will open the box will clear the storage record, the box is recycled, the student must put the goods in the light box, the system will no longer save the box's memory.