What Types Of Network Rack Cabinet Are There?


With the continuous breakthroughs in the computer indus […]

With the continuous breakthroughs in the computer industry, more and more functions are reflected in the cabinet. At present, the cabinet has become an indispensable item in the computer industry. You can see a variety of cabinets in major computer rooms. The cabinets are generally used in control centers, monitoring rooms, network wiring rooms, floor wiring rooms, data rooms, and central computer rooms. , Monitoring center, etc.


The cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate or alloy, and stores the computer and related control equipment. It can provide protection of the storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, and arrange the equipment in an orderly manner to facilitate future maintenance of the equipment.


Common network cabinet colors are white, black and gray. (There are many types of orange particles, fine sand particles, etc.); cabinets are divided according to materials, including aluminum profile cabinets, cold-rolled steel plate cabinets, and hot-rolled steel plate cabinets; according to processing technology, there are 10% discounted profile cabinets and 16% discount cabinets.



The stability of the cabinet depends on the type of plate, coating material and processing technology. Generally speaking, the cabinets used in the early days were mostly made of castings or angle steel, connected or welded in the cabinet frame with screws and rivets, and then made the cover plate (door) with thin steel plates. This cabinet was eliminated because of its large size and poor appearance. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits and the ultra-miniaturization of various components, the cabinet has evolved from the entire panel structure in the past to a plug-in structure with a certain size series. Cabinet and plug-in assembly and layout can be divided into horizontal layout and vertical layout. The structure of the cabinet is also developing in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. Cabinet materials generally use thin steel plates, steel profiles of various cross-sectional shapes, aluminum profiles and various engineering plastics.


According to the material, bearing and manufacturing process of the parts, the cabinet can be divided into two basic structures: profiles and thin plates.



1. Profile structure cabinet: There are two types of steel cabinet and aluminum profile cabinet. The aluminum profile cabinet composed of aluminum alloy profiles has certain rigidity and strength, and is suitable for general equipment or light equipment. The cabinet has the advantages of light weight, small processing capacity, beautiful appearance, etc., and is widely used; the steel material cabinet is made of The special-shaped seamless steel tube is composed of vertical columns. This cabinet has good rigidity and strength and is suitable for heavy equipment.



2. Thin-plate structure cabinet: The side plate of the whole-plate cabinet is formed by bending the whole steel plate, which is suitable for heavy or general equipment. The structure of the bent plate and column cabinet is similar to the profile cabinet, and the column is formed by bending the steel plate. This cabinet has a certain rigidity and strength. The structure of the curved plate and column cabinet is similar to the profile cabinet. The column is formed by bending the steel plate. This cabinet has a certain rigidity and strength, suitable for general equipment, however, because the side panel is not removable, it is not easy to assemble and maintain.



The cabinet is also equipped with the necessary cabinet accessories. The accessories mainly include fixed or retractable guide rails, hinges, steel frames, wire grooves, locking devices, and shielding comb springs.



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