Metal Cabinet Company-6 Advantages Of Metal File Cabinets


1. Very personal The main components of modern metal fi […]

1. Very personal

The main components of modern metal filing cabinets are mostly made of high-quality thin-walled carbon steel stainless steel tubes or aluminum metal tubes with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm. Because the thin-walled metal pipe has strong toughness and good ductility, it can be designed according to the designer's artistic ingenuity, give full play to imagination, and be processed into various curved and curved shapes and styles. The artistically interesting metal pipe main frame is ingeniously combined with solid wood, wood-based panel, wrapping cloth, stone, glass and other accessories or ornaments, showing a variety of styles and tens of styles, which is pleasing to the eyes. Many metal furniture have unique shapes and avant-garde style, showing a very strong personal style. These are often difficult to match with the price of the file cabinet.



2. Rich color selection

The surface finish of the metal filing cabinet can be said to be colorful, it can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder spraying, or it can be a chromium plating that can be appraised; it can be a bright, luxurious and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating. It can also be a perfect combination of more than two colors of titanium plating and powder spray. At present, the K-plated and black-gold plating processes that have become popular internationally have pushed the grade and taste of metal furniture to an extremely high level. The metal filing cabinet integrates the use function and the aesthetic function into one, and some high-grade top grades have collection value.



3. Variety of categories

Metal file cabinets are very rich in categories and varieties, and are suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. These metal furniture can well create the different atmospheres required by different rooms in the family, and can also make the home style diversified and more modern.



4. With folding function

Many types of metal file cabinets have a folding function, which is not only convenient to use, but also saves space, so that the family living environment with limited file cabinet prices is relatively loose and comfortable.



5. Quite aesthetic value

In the past two years, the up-and-coming iron furniture in China has blended the China and Western classical charms in a seemingly rugged style. It is elegant and simple yet modern, with artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, which adds a unique landscape to today's furniture market.



6. Good quality and low price

The price of metal file cabinets is much lower than that of solid wooden furniture. This is for those who have a lot of income but are obsessed with arranging the family to be light and smart and creative, as well as those families who are not rich in income but pay attention to benefits and beauty. All are good and cheap.



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