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What are the types of file cabinets in office furniture […]

What are the types of file cabinets in office furniture?

1. Divided by function: File cabinets are divided into data cabinets, dense cabinets, drawing cabinets, lockers, storage cabinets, filing cabinets, etc. according to their detailed functions. According to actual different purposes, there will be some structural differences in the customization process, which is convenient to use.

2. Divided by material: According to the material, there are metal filing cabinets, plate filing cabinets, solid wood filing cabinets, and metal filing cabinets.

Solid wood filing cabinets: Solid wood furniture has always been a very popular type of furniture, especially for household use. All of its materials are natural materials that have not been processed again, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, and there is a unique charm that can highlight the main character, which is widely trusted by consumers. However, wooden filing cabinets have relatively high requirements for the environment and temperature, are not moisture-proof, and are easily eaten by insects. Therefore, choosing a solid wood file cabinet requires more consideration.

Metal filing cabinets: Metal furniture is more commonly used in office places, mainly because it has great advantages over wooden furniture, whether it is fire resistance, firmness, and environmental protection. Metal filing cabinets are generally made of cold-rolled steel plates, and then electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spraying and many other techniques are used on the surface, which are not easy to deform, wear-resistant, and durable. And its appearance design is more fashionable and beautiful, and it is convenient to carry and is more in line with modern office concepts.

3. Types of cabinet doors: mainly for metal cabinets, metal file cabinets with or without doors and with doors, doors are divided into glass doors and metal cabinet doors. And the door can be divided into sliding door and closing door. It can be customized according to your own needs.

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