How To Choose A File Storage Cabinet


file storage cabinet   are used to store documents, mat […]

file storage cabinet   are used to store documents, materials, etc. Because it can help people quickly find what they need, it is not only widely used as a file cabinet, but also widely used as a medicine cabinet, an instrument cabinet, and a storage cabinet. and many more. It can also save office space and make the office look wider. There are many types of filing cabinets on the market, and they are diverse. So how to choose the right filing cabinet? We should consider the following:


raw material
The three file cabinets are made of three accessible materials: steel file cabinets, wood file cabinets and plastic file cabinets.

Steel filing cabinets are the most common type on the market. The high-quality steel filing cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and assembled after cutting, stamping, bending and welding. The spray sprayed on the surface is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless. After high temperature electrostatic powder spraying, it is not easy to fall off, and it is environmentally friendly and durable. In addition, the style of the steel file cabinet is simple and clear, the cabinet is clean and beautiful, and it is easy to match with many office environments. It can store a large number of files, information and books.

Wooden filing cabinets are made of walnut, cherry, teak and other wood veneers, as well as medium and high density particleboard and fiberboard base materials. Then, wood paint is sprayed and manufactured under constant temperature and humidity. The appearance of wooden filing cabinets is usually very delicate and is usually used in the office of a manager or chairman. When choosing wooden filing cabinets, you must pay attention to maintenance.

Plastic filing cabinets are not as strong as steel filing cabinets, but the price is relatively low. Since plastic file cabinets are deformed when used for a long time, this type of file cabinet mainly stores some commonly used files. If you store some relatively valuable and heavy documents, it is not the right choice.


The size of the file cabinet should be based on the size of the office furniture. First, measure the size of the place where the file cabinet will be placed, and then select the appropriate size according to the office space, in case it cannot be placed in the office. The standard height of ordinary steel filing cabinet is 1.8 meters, which is also a reasonable size. The depth of the file cabinet is also an important factor.

When many books are placed in a file cabinet, the firmness of the file cabinet must be considered, and the vertical support of the file cabinet must be firm to make it durable.


File cabinets have different shapes. You can choose them according to the layout of the office. File cabinets have stricter requirements on the flatness of the appearance. The edges and corners of the file cabinet must be adjusted to form a 90-degree right angle. When purchasing, touch the panel with your hand to see if it is smooth. In addition, the color of the filing cabinet should also be considered.

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