Why Are Metal Filing Cabinets More And More Popular?


Metal filing cabinet is a cabinet, an indispensable off […]

Metal filing cabinet is a cabinet, an indispensable office furniture for governments, institutions, enterprises or factories. It is simple and beautiful to save storage space. With the ever-improving office environment, metal file cabinets are becoming more and more popular with the public. As for why metal files are popular with so many customers? As follows.

Material of metal filing cabinet:

1. Metal filing cabinet cabinet: made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, thickness from 0.5mm to 40mm, can be selected according to the actual situation of the filing cabinet, made of industrial plastic material PS material!

2. Drawer box design: quality + sliding cover to prevent slipping means to prevent the drawer from being pulled out of the sliding rail to ensure that items are not damaged and files. High-strength press type drawer, large storage capacity, smooth sliding.

3. Welding welding high-standard welding parts, smooth surface.

4. Counter: The counter is sprayed with green powder electrostatically, which is harmful to the human body and will not harm the surrounding environment during use. It is non-toxic, no side effects, and no peculiar smell.

5. Glass: high-quality float glass, pure texture, transparent, clear information file cabinet, simple and generous appearance.

6. Separator: can be assembled freely, easy to use.

Benefits of using Dingli filing cabinet

1. Metal filing cabinets are affordable, economical and environmentally friendly;

2. The metal file cabinet has strong bearing capacity, is durable and has a long service life;

3. The materials selected for metal filing cabinets will pollute the environment;

4. Choose a light color, any color can be compatible with Office;

5. Large capacity, no waste of file placement and space to meet the needs;

6. Strong combination, can divide random components of movable partition;

7. The metal file cabinet is easy to maintain, and the scratches are easy to treat.

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