Five Considerations for Choosing A Network Cabinet


The compatibility of the network cabinet is a headache […]

The compatibility of the network cabinet is a headache for users. The equipment in the data room comes from different manufacturers, and the same manufacturers have different models. These devices have not formed a unified specification. This requires the network cabinet to have the compatibility of each device. .

With the development of data center construction in the direction of overall availability, the demand for network cabinet management in the computer room is increasing. It is foreseeable that a cabinet solution that fully meets the needs of the data center and has future scalability will be able to better solve users' problems and improve the management level of users' IT systems.

Users should consider the following factors when purchasing cabinets:

1. Load-bearing guarantee. As the density of products placed in the network cabinet increases, a good load-bearing capacity is the basic requirement for a qualified network cabinet product. Network cabinets that do not meet the specifications may not be able to effectively and properly protect the equipment in the network cabinets due to the poor quality of the network cabinets, which may affect the entire system.

2. Reliable quality assurance. It is very important to choose a suitable server network cabinet and wiring network cabinet. A slight negligence may lead to huge losses. Regardless of the brand's product, quality is the first link for users to consider.

3. Anti-interference and others. A fully functional network cabinet should provide various door locks and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding, and other high anti-interference performance; at the same time, suitable accessories and installation accessories should be provided to support Wiring is more convenient and easy to manage, saving time and effort.

4. Temperature control system. There is a good temperature control system inside the network cabinet, which can avoid overheating or overcooling of the products in the network cabinet to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. The network cabinet can choose the fully ventilated series, and can be equipped with a fan (the fan has a lifetime guarantee), an independent air conditioning system can be installed in a hot environment, and an independent heating and heat preservation system can be installed in a severe cold environment.

5. After-sales service, the effective service provided by the enterprise, and the comprehensive equipment protection program provided can bring great convenience to the user's installation and maintenance.

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